“I like an interior that defies labeling. I don’t really want someone to walk into a room and know that I did it.” – Bunny Williams



The Designers

Louise Bergman

Louise Bergman started her interior design career shortly after emigrating from The Netherlands in 1996. Besides residential projects, guest houses and offices, she also ran an interior design school in the evenings. Frequent trips on the African continent grew an endless appreciation of local artisans and their creativity. She recently joined forces with Lynette and the team to take Urban Jungle Interiors to the next level.

About Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle, based in Wilderness, Western Cape, offers a full interior design service to both corporate and private clients throughout South Africa. Projects include hotels and lodges as well as private homes and public spaces. Urban Jungle specialises in turn-key projects, interior finishes, consultation, national and international sourcing, lay-out & design, bespoke curtains, blinds, (re-)upholstery, furniture, hand picked décor, accessories, artefacts and custom design.

We love working with our local hospitality industry and refurbishing holiday homes along the Garden Route.

We are committed to supporting artisans, in South Africa and around the world. Sourcing old and new, we believe handmade is important. Unique imperfections make it beautiful; it celebrates the human hands that have made it. They are shaped by the imagination and local traditions of the artist who made them.



About Us


We feel that we are at the beginning of a trend where people change their lifestyles, for example the rethinking of personal and professional ambitions and the end of the traditional eight-to-five day at a workplace.

Shoppers in SA are returning to the shops, but we are of the opinion that there will be more demand for smaller independent and creative stores that are providing their clients’ needs. We believe local neighbourhood centres will benefit as people try to avoid the crowds. Brand sales will be on the increase, we notice that clients are turning to luxury and custom design for superior products and a better shopping experience.

Many shoppers turn to social media for product discovery. However, we believe that physical stores will start doing better than online businesses, as a store or showroom engages all five senses. We already experience this in the feedback we receive from clients visiting our showroom. At Urban Jungle we connect with clients through personalized and engaging experiences.

With regards to trends, we notice a preference for natural materials and locally made products.

Spending more time at home makes us connect more to nature, creating a visual connection including indoor plants and the colour green to bring the outdoors in.

Also on the increase are : floral and geometric wallpaper, sustainable materials and recycled fabrics, adding soft and curvy furniture, as we crave comfort and cosiness in  open-plan settings.

These are all indications of our clients engaging with and uplifting their indoor and outdoor spaces to turn it into a complete lifestyle experience


We love connecting with our clients through personalized and engaging experiences.