I am a couch. Or a sofa.

It’s a bit of an identity crisis but never mind. I’ve been sitting in this beautiful showroom for many months and I’m keen to get adopted and go to my forever home. People come and go but somehow they don’t pay attention to me, if only I had a tail to wag.

But one day these two ladies arrive and they come to an agreement with my boss and they take me to their beautiful guesthouse in Sandton. I enjoy the guests, never a dull moment, and my bosses love me and take care of me.

I have a loose cover which gets washed regularly so I always look beautiful.

After a few years, we move to our new home near Kruger Park.

How exciting: we see Impala, Kudu, Giraffe and Zebra, but luckily I’m safe inside. I get new scatter cushions to make me look more special. One day there’s a new human in our house, it’s a man and his hobby is paragliding.

So we moved again, this time to the Garden Route, close to the sea. I’m now 27 years old and I’ve seen my fair share of houses. I do feel weathered and worn. My soft cushions are deflated, the springs are sagging, and the upholstery is faded.

But I discovered that even after all these years I’m still loved and so I get a full makeover: new filling for my seat cushions, new varnish on my legs, and a beautiful new cover.

I feel like new and have found a new purpose and a sense of belonging. I became a proud member of the family again. The memories I helped to create are priceless, a testament to the love and care I have received.

I am ever so grateful and proud that my boss gave me a new life !

Urban Jungle Couch Before